Start Your Own Profitable Bulk SMS Reseller Save Cost on Website Design, Development and Maintenance - Use Our Turnkey Bulk SMS Package


Features that your members will enjoy:
- Robust registration form (different from joomla)
- Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
- Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
- SMS character counter for composing SMS i.e Page: 1, Characters left: 157, Total Typed Characters: 3
- SMS scheduling for future delivery with date picker.
- Duplicate number remover.
- Numbers can be in the format of +2348080000000 or 2348080000000 or 08080000000.
- Separate multiple numbers and uploaded numbers with comma, colon, semicolon or put each number on a separate line.
- Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers e.g space,;,:,.,',`,(,),,{,},#,-,_ and ?
- Displays member SMS units left and SMS Units used
- Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
- Add multiple numbers to phone book group at once
- Upload numbers to phone group from file
- Delete a phone book group and all its records
- View to all sent sms messages with recipients, message,status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered
- Search and forward sent sms messages with page numbers and page size
- Order/Request/purchase sms credits with automatic cost calculator
- Transaction/purchase history with Transaction date, amount, credit requested, status and date approved
- Search and sort transaction history with page numbers and page size
- View personal details
- Change password on settings page
- Set default sender ID
- Members can transfer SMS units to another member
Admin Features:
- Send sms to all members
- Specify No of free SMS units for new members e.g new members get 3 free sms
- Specify how many sms units is regarded as low sms
- Alert member by sms and email when credit is below your specified level
- Specify captcha type(local captcha or google recaptcha)
- Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members
- Create/edit SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved
- Create/edit SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level
- Create/edit Welcome Email
- Create/edit Email to send to members when orders have been approved
- Create/edit Email to send to members when their credit is below ur specified level
- Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider
- Create/edit Selling price per sms unit for different quantity of sms purchases
- Specify county codes that use more that 1 sms unit per text message
- Set/edit No of records to display per page on member and admin pages
- You'll get your own SMS Api to Give to your own customers and resellers.
- You'll get SMS Cron Url for scheduled sms (If you want to add your own cron job for scheduled sms)- Export all phone numbers that have ever recieved sms from you portal and your resellers in one click
- Export all phone numbers of all members in one click
- Export all phone numbers in member phone books in one click
- Admin view of all address book records and groups
- Admin view of all sms messages sent by members, resellers or through api
- Admin view of all transactions for viewing, approval, cancelliung or deletion
- Automatically credits member sms account upon approval of sms request transaction
- View, edit and delete any member account
- Manually reduce/increase any member account SMS units
- Registration cannot be repeated for registered phone number/email address
- Free GSM Phone Number generator
- Contact us form
- User Management 
And many more

To become a Reseller, Simply register and contact us.

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